Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thing #22 Take 15 minutes

There are so many tools and so much information. I spend most of my workday 15 minutes researching sites for education and supporting the curriculum. I spend most of my evening 15 minutes looking at the tools shown through 23 things on a stick and other sites. There is so much out there and we need to continue to learn in order to support our patrons.

Thing 21. Beyond MySpace: Other Social Networks

The sites that were given as examples; GeneTree, TravBuddy, open up the world to people and provide information that in the past was harder to get.

I'm still working on how Id apply this to an educational setting. With all the things that are presented we need to take one step at a time.

Thing 23. Final Thoughts

I made it through all the applications. There was some great information and sites I hope to build on and continue using in education. There is an incredible amount of potential in education and hope that Districts will receive the funding from state resources to help increase the bandwith in education.

Thing #20. Social Networking & Libraries

Social networking provides a gathering place. It allows groups to meet remotely and to share information with their peeps. Although it is not allowed in school and I don't have access to it there, there are benefits to allowing students to use it. It creates a sense of community and belonging. It is important to educate them on the dangers of using such tools and providing too much information to people they may not know.

iRead and Movies are good sites and would be ways for students to share information.

Thing #19 Podcasting

I've used Audacity and Garage Band. I think Podcasting has great potential to for providing information on the go. Students can create bookreviews, poetry, new releases, etc. This is also a great way for students that have stage fright to present in front of a group.

Podcasts can update parents on events at the school and can provide instructions for operating through tools.

I love podcasts and can't wait to create more.

Thing 18. YouTube

Unfortunately, I can't YouTube at work. It is blocked. I think it has potential for visual learners and shy students to create alternative presentations. There are also some wonderful examples to present in class. I wish there was a way to unblock certain videos. I've have been unsuccessful in downloading videos.

Thing #17 Elm Productivity Tools

I never did get these tools set up. I'm guessing that they provide updated information on the sites themselves. I plan on working on this more to see if I can provide any types of information to students.